Best Van Rental Service in Bangkok

Best Van Rental Service in Bangkok


Our service 


1. Cleanliness Our cars will be cleaned both inside and outside and disinfected every time after the job is finished. It makes our cars clean, safe, free from Covid-19.

2.Safety Our cars are legally registered with the transport laws. Check the condition every 6 months. There is an Act and 1st class insurance for every seat. Driving controls with GPS

3. Convenience All our cars will be fully decorated with VIPs. There are facilities, TV, audio, karaoke, connecting the player via Bluetooth, YouTube, USB charging cable, ice flask. Big Air Microbus Stay cool during the journey

4. Politeness Our drivers are legally licensed. Passed training and performance check every year Say hello and hello every time Friendly talk with customers Make customers feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the journey.

5. Flexibility Our focus is on customer service. Not rushing to indulge customers, even outside the travel program unprofitable bidding Or using the car for a little overtime, we won't KOT. worth using the service

6. Value We will offer you a reasonable price. reasonable with distance Bargain and provide detailed price before the customer decides to book a car with us. do not take advantage of customers There are no hidden or hidden additional costs.

7. Service The heart of our service is saw a smile Seeing customers happy in that trip That is the purpose of the service.